Burial Board

The Burial Board is responsible for the management of and regulations relating to Nether Alderley Burial Ground.

The Burial Ground is situated adjacent to and at the back of St. Mary’s Churchyard, in Nether Alderley.

Burial Board matters may be considered within Parish Council meetings. The Burial Board also meets, when necessary, to consider Burial Ground matters and to inspect the Burial Ground.

The Clerk to the Parish Council currently acts as Clerk to the Burial Board.

Regulations relating to the Burial Ground can be found on this website.

Meetings of the Burial Board are advertised in the same way as Parish Council meetings and take place at Nether Alderley Parish Hall.

The following Councillors are members of the Burial Board:

  • Mrs. Yvonne Bentley
  • Mr. Simon Lewis (Chairman)
  • Mrs. Jenny Shufflebottom
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Wilkinson