Chairman's Annual Report

Nether Alderley Parish Council

May 2019

Once again, our Parish Council has had a very busy year and there have been many changes in the process.

We have welcomed 3 new Councillors during the course of the year -Angela Farrell, Sue Joseph and more recently Dave Clarke. Having just recently gone through the election process I am pleased to say that our team remains the same for the forthcoming term.

As a result of the recent elections we have said goodbye to Ward Councillor George Walton who has retired from office. George has worked closely with us for over 10 years and we are very grateful for the help and support he has shown to our parish with various issues
for all our benefit. George has helped us greatly in our mission to make our roads safer over the years. We welcome Marc Asquith as our new Ward Councillor and look forward to working with him in the future.

To continue in our efforts to reduce speed in our Parish we recently purchased a speed gun but sadly due to lack of local volunteers we have had to put the Speed Watch project on hold.

Our renovation project on the hall has made slow progress over the year but I am pleased to be able to report that we are imminent to submit a planning application for all the remedial works required and a small storage extension to the side of the hall. We are not sure at this stage how long the hall will be closed for but we are very excited about being able to offer the parish a much improved, warmer hall with up to date facilities for us all to enjoy.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is well under way with Cllr. Norman Howick leading the team. Updates on the plan’s progress can be seen on our website. Residents recently took part in a questionnaire and there will be consultation events in the future which we urge all residents to attend and give their views.

We continue our liaison with Manchester Airport and Councillors regularly attend meetings to keep updated on the various issues that affect the local area.

Alderley Park continues to grow with 3 developers now established on the site and more in the immediate future. Many houses are occupied and we welcome all the new residents into our community. We understand that the Pub will be opening towards the end of the year and that walkways and bridle-paths will be formally documented and available for all the community to enjoy.

The Pride of Nether Alderley continues with its litter-picking and sign cleaning for all our benefit and will always welcome new helpers. Anne Bale enthusiastically organises the group and we thank her for her energies in helping to keep our lovely village clean and tidy.

Over the last year we have adopted our second telephone box which is at Monks Heath. It is desperately in need of repair which we are proposing to do and then it will give us the opportunity to purchase and house a defibrillator for everyone’s benefit.

For anyone who follows us on social media you will have seen that we recently paid tribute to Norman Moore who has worked alongside us for over 40 years tending to our Burial Ground with true dedication. We enjoyed an evening with his family, friends, and representatives from our Primary School when we planted an oak tree in his honour. 40 years is quite an achievement and we thank him for his continued efforts on behalf of our Burial Ground.

As a Parish Council we are starting to organise social events for all to join in with. We are having a Table Top Sale in the hall on Saturday 18th May and we are hosting afternoon tea for anyone who wishes to join us each Sunday throughout June to enjoy the hall, church and surroundings. There will be more events to come in a hope that there will be something for everyone throughout the year.

To help us communicate with all residents, parishioners and friends, we continue to give as much information as possible via our website. Our Facebook page is another way of reaching out to everyone and I am pleased to say we are gaining friends. We welcome as many friends as possible to join us and indeed to put articles of local interest onto the webpage.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all fellow Councillors for all their input throughout the year on various committees and projects that we are all involved with. My thanks also go to Barbara our Clerk, who guides and works so professionally for the Councils benefit.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for the support that they have given me as Chair over the last 4 years. It is now time for me to step down and hand over to our Vice Chair Norman Howick for the next 2 years. I have very much enjoyed my time as Chairman and I wish Norman all the best and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Thank you.

Cllr. Jenny Shufflebottom (Chair)
Nether Alderley Parish Council

13th May 2019


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