Chairman’s Annual Report

Nether Alderley Parish Council

May 2022

Things, it would seem, are returning to normal in all walks of life, and we welcome this normality in the light of not-insignificant demands facing the Parish Council in the coming year. Everyone in our community has had their own challenges throughout these tough times, and the Parish Council is proud to play its part in support of all parishioners and their families. It is these things that bind us in the long run.

The building of community assets is vital, and to this end we are making good progress with plans for the Parish Hall refurbishment. As you know from my last statement, we have now secured planning consent from Cheshire East Council and look forward to working with the Diocese in taking the works to the next stages. Our architect and project managers are busy with the procurement process also, and we will be announcing schedules of work as soon as we can. Unfortunately, because building costs have risen dramatically over the last year or so, we will need to embark on a fund-raising effort and a working group has been set up to tackle this urgent issue. Parishioners will hear more about this over the ensuing year.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now back on track. We had our first consultation in February where the draft policies were presented for comment. Considering the dreadful weather, turnout was reasonable, but more importantly the quality of feedback was excellent – so much so that we can move on swiftly to the next consultation stage. There is still a long way to go, but the initial signs are extremely positive.

Our newsletter continues to be a great success and is read avidly. It has been so successful that it is now attracting advertisers which is helping to cover the cost of the new and improved format. As ever, we thank Councillors Jenny Shufflebottom and Sue Joseph for their hard work and dedication

As ever, Alderley Park serves our economy and community and always supports parishioners and the Parish Council. We thank them for this and for the added opportunities to challenge and discuss activity and development within the Park.

2022 is, and will be, a year of significant change for the Parish Council. Councillor Yvonne Bentley has stepped down, and I would like to thank her on behalf of the Parish Council for her many years of service and invaluable input – she will be sorely missed. Also, our Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Barbara Thorpe is retiring as of the end of April. Her place will be taken by David Naylor, who has vast experience at local and regional government level. Again, on behalf of the Parish Council I would like to express our extreme gratitude for Barbara’s exemplary conduct and depth of expertise in carrying out this challenging role for so many years. We are more than sad to see her leave and wish her all good luck and fortune for the future.

Our Rector, Jon Hale is also retiring, and we thank him for his many years at St. Mary’s and also wish him well for the future.

And finally, as well as ending my tenure as Chair, I am stepping down from the Parish Council. I would like to convey my gratitude to all who have supported me throughout this time both on a Parish Council and a personal level. The succeeding Chairman, Councillor Angela Farrell has already proven that she is going to be an excellent Chairman and leader and I send her all best wishes and success for the future from everyone on the Parish Council.

Cllr. Norman Howick (Chairman)

Nether Alderley Parish Council

Grateful thanks were also given to Norman the outgoing Chairman for his excellent chairmanship, leadership and dedication to the Parish. He could not attend the meeting today and is also standing down as a Parish Councillor.

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