Role of the Parish Council

The Parish Council is a locally elected body in the first tier of local government. It can take certain actions, deliver certain services and carry out certain functions to meet local needs, due to statutory powers conferred on Parish Councils. For example, it can provide and maintain bus shelters. It can also have influence on other decision makers, such as Cheshire East Council. For example the Parish Council is given the opportunity to consider and comment on local Planning applications.

Parish Councillors represent the interests of the local community and the Parish Council looks to improve and care for the local area and people. The Parish Council considers and deals with a range of parish issues and is also often included in wider Borough consultations such as planning and strategic aims. The Parish Council may liaise with Cheshire East Council in connection with matters such as Highways, traffic, community safety, litter and Rights of Way.

In addition, Nether Alderley Parish Council owns and administers a Burial Ground for the local community and owns a section of a Grade 11* listed Parish Hall.

The Parish Council owns and maintains five bus shelters. Two notice boards, situated at the entrance to Orchard Crescent and in the turning circle of the Parish Hall/St. Mary’s Church, provide displays for Parish Council and public information.

A full list of the Parish Council’s assets can be viewed in its Assets Register, a copy of which can be obtained from the Clerk.

The Parish Council has regular ongoing communication with the Cheshire Neighbourhood Policing team.

The Parish Council is also very well supported by its Cheshire East Councillor, Cllr. George Walton, who usually attends Parish Council meetings.

Nether Alderley Parish Council has adopted Financial Regulations and Procedural Standing Orders. These are the agreed regulations that direct the operations of the Parish Council. A number of other policies have also been approved for use by the Parish Council. Further information can be found by following the Freedom of Information Act/Model Publication Scheme link on the Home page of the Parish Council’s website. A comprehensive guide to information held by the Parish Council and how that information can be accessed by members of the public can be found in the Parish Council’s ‘Guide to Information’

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