Fraud And Telephone Scam


The Scam:
• Offenders cold call posing a Police Officer, usually a detective from a Police Station in London. Several characters may be involved to convince the victim they are genuine.
• They convince the victim that there is a corrupt official/ counterfeit currency at their bank and ask them to assist with a “sting” operation.
• They provide a cover story and an amount of cash to be withdrawn.
• They send a taxi to take the victim to the bank and back.
• They stay on the phone and tell the victim how to answer questions from the bank.
• They tell the victim how to package the money.
• They then attend the victim’s home address, or send a courier, to recover the cash. In some cases victims have been asked to travel elsewhere in the country to hand over cash.

Protect Yourself:
• The Police will never ask people to withdraw money from their bank account.
• The police will never ask members of the public to assist them with operations.
• Hang up and wait five minutes before calling the police/ bank on a trusted number. Fraudsters may stay on the line after you hang up. A different line should be used if possible.
• Report the matter immediately to the police on 101, or 999 is you think you have met the Fraudster.

We have had reports that people are experiencing receiving recorded messages saying that it is BT calling and that if they do not press a button the computer will be cut off. This is then followed by the same message a couple of days later.

Please contact BT directly to confirm if any action is required

Message Sent By
Sarah Wilson (Police, PCSO, Macclesfield LPU PCSO)

11. July, 2018Latest News Comments Off on CHESHIRE POLICE ALERT

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