Blackmailing Scam

We have had reports of a cyber-blackmail scam currently targeting random people, which threatens to post intimate photos or video footage online if money isn’t paid.
Over the past few days police have seen a rise in so called ‘sextortion’ cases being reported and are asking people to report any blackmail attempts to them and Action Fraud.
Sextortion (combination of sex and extortion) blackmailing a victim not to post sexually explicit photos or videos on social networking, photo-sharing or revenge porn websites. They have also becoming in forms of emails from fraudsters threatening to post or share videos on social networking and demanding payment.

It is a very distressing crime, which preys on people’s vulnerabilities and worries about any consequences. Please do not be too embarrassed to report it (remember this is a scam) and do not attempt to respond to any threat or pay any money. Grab a screen shot of the communication and please report it to us online and Action Fraud. Then delete.
You may think about checking your passwords and check you have all your privatise checking on your social media accounts.
Think about playing not games on social media that are asking for personal information like your place of birth, mother’s maiden name, email address
You can report any crime via our website or call 101.

For further information about online safety you can also visit: and

Message Sent By
Julia Short (Police, PCSO, Macclesfield LPU Congleton PCSO)

20. April, 2020Latest News Comments Off on CHESHIRE POLICE ALERT

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