As you may be aware, our existing Runway, Runway 1 (05R/23L) is our primary runway and has been used solely for operations during the Pandemic where we have been operating with severely restricted aircraft movements.

Each year maintenance work is required to maintain Runway 1, the most used runway, and its’ adjoining taxiways. We publish dates of the nights when Runway 1 will be closed;

Runway 1 planned closure dates 2022-23

January 11th – 13th (22:30 – 06:00)
February 1st – 3rd (22:30 – 06:00)
March 1st – 3rd (22:30 – 06:00)
April** 3rd – 7th (22:30 – 06:00)
May 3rd – 5th (22:30 – 06:00)
June 7th – 9th (22:30 – 06:00)
July 5th – 7th (22:30 – 06:00)
August 2nd – 4th (22:30 – 06:00)
September 6th – 8th (22:30 – 06:00)
October ** 2nd – 6th (22:30 – 06:00)
November 1st – 3rd (22:30 – 06:00)
December 6th – 8th (22:30 – 06:00)
January 23 10th – 12th (22:30 – 06:00)

** 5-night Closure

As part of our commitment to communicating with our neighbours we are also contacting over 750 people close to our site (who have requested advance notification) to advise them of these nights of closure; as well as placing advertisements in the local press. Our website contains more information; including film clips that show nights of runway closure and the challenges faced by our airfield colleagues and contractors to fit so much work in to such a short time window.

I am sorry for the disturbance that these temporary changes to our night-time operations may cause to you and those that you represent. I would like to assure you that such closures are only arranged when essential work is required.

Whilst writing, it is also worth noting, that as part of our recovery plans we anticipate returning to more normal operations from spring / summer 2022, where we will look to reintroduce Runway 2 operations. More details will be provided when final plans are confirmed.

Helen McNabb
Community Engagement Manager (Manchester Airport)

11. January, 2022Latest News Comments Off on Advance notification of temporary changes to operations for Runway 1 works (Schedule for 2022)

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