Bank Holiday Message from Central Support Team NWN

Dear supporter, member and friend

As you know the long bank holiday weekend ahead will create more challenges for our communities as the lockdown measures continue. We acknowledge that you are one of the many that have conformed with the government’s essential guidance and directives over the past few weeks, as the pandemic continues to affect the health of many and take the lives of the few.

The challenges we face and how we have come together as a resilient community, to ensure we are safer and stronger as a result, will define our paths going forward in the coming days and weeks.

To download the material please follow this link, there is both static and renders (these are images that move, like a gif)

We urge you to share with your community the following information, which asks our neighbours, friends and families to continue to follow the governments advice about social distancing, exercising and meeting family and friends over this holiday period.

Following our successful launch of our Calling Tree campaign, we have also attached a A6 sized printout of an example postcard to post through doors in your community. This is in response to your great feedback, which many of you shared with us.

Finally, we would like to wish you and your families an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend.

T 0116 402 6111 M 07495 415 380

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calling tree b&w2.pdf – 170.6 KB

colour calling tree postcard.pdf – 179.9 KB

Stay at Home STATIC – DAX.png – 391.6 KB

9. April, 2020Latest News Comments Off on NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH

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