A local history website, focusing on the Great Warford and Marthall areas, has been set up by Claire Moores.

Claire writes:

I have been researching the villages of Warford and Marthall for many years, searching archives, collecting photographs and studying maps. A fascinating part of this research has also been documenting the personal stories and memories of inhabitants, which have bought the areas recent past to life. Having grown up in Great Warford and attended Nether Alderley Primary School, I continue to maintain close links with both villages, and I hope this new website may be of interest to others.

If anyone has any photographs, information or stories about Warford or Marthall they would be happy to share, or just let me know what you think of the site, please drop me an email: claire@warfordhistory.co.uk

 The website can be visited at www.warfordhistory.co.uk

6. November, 2013Latest News Comments Off on Warford and Marthall Local History website

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