An update from Nether Alderley Parish Council (NAPC) regarding the Parish Hall Refurbishment Project.

Dear Resident of Nether Alderley

The Parish Hall, was gifted to NAPC in 1908 by Lord Stanley with the stipulation that “…The Council will forever hereafter keep and maintain the said building and premises in a good and proper state of repair.” It is now in need of significant remedial work to ensure the building is watertight, weatherproof, and safe.  Repairs to the roof, strengthening of first floor timbers and repairs to external walls are all urgently needed.  

We have planning approval and the blessing of English Heritage for a scheme which will enable us to reconfigure part of the Hall, harmonise all ground floor levels, provide much needed storage, replace a totally inefficient heating system with a hydrogen ready gas boiler and underfloor heating as well as disabled toilet and baby changing facilities.  All of which will ensure the hall is a much-improved asset for our community in the long term.

The Parish Council already has £400,000 saved for the project. This is made up of developer contributions from Alderley Park, money save by the Parish Council from its precept, generous donations from friends and residents and a grant from Alderley Edge Institute.  However, due to the project being put on hold during Covid, the rise in inflation, increased building costs, and limited success in raising grants from funding bodies due to great demand on them following Covid, means that the current projected cost is likely to be significantly more than the £400,000 we currently have available.

We have recently sent out tender documents to potential contractors to obtain precise costs, and these have now been returned. They are currently being evaluated in terms of cost, delivery timetable and the many issues which will help to protect the Council against cost overruns or quality issues. It is possible that this process may point to a contractor who may not be the cheapest which will require additional funds of £250,000 or even £300,000. However, we will try our very best to restrict this to £250,000 it at all possible.

The Parish Council has agreed, in principle, to take advantage of a loan from the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) to make up the shortfall.  Rates are fixed for the life of the loan and the amount requested will depend on the result of the tendering process. The loan will be subject to Government approval and public support. It will be like obtaining a mortgage from the Government.

To borrow £250,000 for 30 years would cost £17,873 per annum paid in 6 monthly intervals.

To borrow £300,000 for 30 years would cost £21,448 per annum paid in 6 monthly intervals.

Taking out this loan will not require Nether Alderley to increase the precept to fund the loan charges. This is because the precept was raised several years ago specifically to save for this project and the annual loan charges will be less than the funds we have saved annually for the project. The Public Works Loans Board was established to provide local authorities with finance to fund capital projects like this and spread the cost over as many years as possible for its residents. In addition, the Parish Council may be able to pay off the loan earlier with any annual income over expenditure residues.

if you would like more information, or have any concerns about this plan, please contact our Parish Clerk David Naylor. His email is:

Thank You

Angela Farrell

Chair Nether Alderley Parish Council

23. September, 2023Latest News Comments Off on Parish Hall Update – Proposed Loan

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